Sunday, August 26, 2018

"Another Mindless Crime"(c)

This line from Queen's Show Must Go On pretty much summarizes what is about to transpire and in order for me not to regurgitate same points any person with brain can understand, I give here a link to Colonel Lang's excellent analysis. 

The White Helmets are saddling up for another ride

And to his superb comment on what is going on and who Trump is in all that. 

IMO he is probably like a mushroom on this. Kept in the dark and fed horseshit.

In the comments to my latest piece on Grand Strategy at Unz Review I reiterated my old point:

I specifically pointed out that I am talking about current situation. Russian governance axiom for the last 100 years? Never again should some civilian cabal “rule” Russia. Only people with military-intelligence background, only with a very strong industrial-engineering, military or, generally, what is known in the West as “national security studies”, educational foundation should be in charge of Russia. Today, many from Russian elite are taught some crucial courses in Military Academy of General Staff–a timely and wise decision.

US elites, including at the very top are good only at PR and getting "elected"--remove Mattis, and the only people you have left in top echelon in the US are headless warmongering chickens who are utterly unqualified even for running a "public sanitation in the prison"(c). DJT, evidently, is not that great of a "master of a deal" when surrounding himself with a bunch of ambitious careerists who will sell him out for nothing, such as his Cohen guy did and John Bolton inevitably will. But then again--this is the ONLY human and professional material Washington produces anymore. In fact, Bolton is already at it and Trump has no clue. One has to, at this point, contemplate tongue in cheek Verhoeven's masterpiece at least semi-seriously. 

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