Friday, February 9, 2018

This Guy Did More For Peace In Two Minutes Than Diplomats Did In Years.

Remember me writing about heroism of simple people doing their job when it is impossible to do it? Who in America today remembers T-4 Truman Kimbro? Who remembers today exceptional heroism of USS Samuel B. Roberts? Acts of ultimate sacrifice, such as Sasha Prokhorenko, burn themselves into national psyche. They make us recall what real men are. This week Russia honored her latest hero--Major Roman Filipov. Tens of thousands people came to honor him in a sign of spiritual and moral revival of Russia:

But it was this American former Air Force man who transcended borders by his pure humanity and did his small, in reality huge, part in conveying America which still is out there, which is down to earth, which understands:

Russian response was overwhelmingly positive and... human and it made all major networks' news. These are REAL news. 

We all ask ourselves if we would have guts to do as Filipov did. As long as we question ourselves this way--we remain men.    

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