Monday, October 2, 2017

It Is Really Not A Good Day.

I will abstain from commenting on the horror in Las Vegas, I will just say that I feel sorry for people and my thoughts are with innocents, alive and those, sadly, dead.  But what I will comment on, though, is this: American (or US-associated) celebrities--just shut up. You ignorant, uneducated (look at Clooney's or Damon's academic records, not to speak of this no good bimbo Rhianna) no good pretentious dweebs--put a cork in it about guns. Lose your bodyguards and go preach to South Chicago or Detroit, see what happens next. Nobody gives a shit about your "opinions"--you are freaking entertainers who fake human emotions to get paid, that's the range and scope of your competencies.  All this "progressive" cabal is disgusting. This, however, is below anything. 

CBS fires vice president who said Vegas victims didn't deserve sympathy because country music fans 'often are Republican'

But in a stream of a bad news today came this, another sad one: 

Tom Petty just died, only 66. Man, talk about really bad day... 

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