Thursday, October 19, 2017

Oh, The Irony!

While the whole Trump Russia Gate contrived story goes nowhere with dramatically increasing velocity, that is acceleration, other story seems to be making some circles on the water--that is the story of... read The Hill

If one asks me if this whole thing could be a real deal, I can definitely say that I can envision the whole network of bribes, kickbacks and other, rather very personal, favors which Russians might have provided to a... drum roll...drum roll... still drumming and rolling... to the US Democratic Administration of Barack Obama. Is it possible? Yes. How probable is that? Surely way above zero. But the question here is not the fact that Russia bought 20% of US deposits of uranium. US' plunder of Russia in 1990s could be briefly reviewed here. There is very little real "national security risk" in that, but what is remarkable, of course, that Russia was in cahoots with Clinton (and Obama) clans which makes this whole story of Trump being Russia's Manchurian President a complete baloney even for the armies of Hillary's worshipers from the very sleazy and revolting DNC, media and slime Hollywood to a completely brainwashed masses of SJWs. That is if they will be able to survive a brutal cognitive dissonance without overdosing on the antidepressant. Most of them have to be on them anyway. If anything else, Russia "financed" Hillary, who, obviously, continues to "project" on The Donald her own, rather murky, operations with Russians and a very real financial and other gain for hers and her pervert hubby's little "charity". While the whole business of Uranium One purchase may be questionable, actions of The Clintons may amount to a very serious bribery and corruption accusations and, hopefully, charges. Man, this dish goes so well with this whole Hollywood feminazis now, apparently, being fvcked non stop for the last 20 or so years by all kinds of perverts, such as this low life Weinstein, for their movie roles and none of them biting off Weinstein's dick or kicking him in the balls to defend their human honor and integrity. Well, Hollywood doesn't have any. We all know whom the Hollywood supported in all of the last several election cycles in the US and that ain't Donald Trump. For Russians this whole situation is the second best thing. Obviously, there will be always non-stop bouts of anti-Russian hysteria from all corners and Russia will be blamed no matter what, but, at least, this whole story has a potential of damaging the cesspool which Beltway has become to such a degree that some, maybe not visible initially, movements will begin in a direction of removing a completely corrupt, degenerate and criminal US "political" elite. It is the only way the United States will survive as a whole nation with some, not entirely bleak, future. 

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