Friday, August 25, 2017

Just Signed The Contract.

Again, sorry for slowdown but I was (and still am) up to my ears in trying to meet deadlines, all kinds of them, but there are some good news. I just finally signed the contract for the book with publishing house and, granted I am still alive by then, I should be able to finish most of manuscript in a couple-three months. A lot of it is done already. So, I'll try my best to be as entertaining as humanly possible under such conditions plus United States Naval Institute informed me that my new large post should be in their Blog by Monday. So, for observers of naval and, in general, military affairs there will be some food for thought. Strategic thought too. I am running on empty this week and apart from desirable cigar on my porch today I may even get to the memory lane. Ah, dancing with my future wife on a dance floor at our naval academy "discotheque" sometime in 1983. Come on, I also have feelings, you know;-) Anyhow, enjoy a wonderful song by Kim Carnes. How many of those contemporary "stars" can write anything comparable.   


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