Sunday, October 16, 2016

Time To Speak In Broadsides, It Is Still Not Too Late

The American "Left" is desperate. First, it is not real Left--it is a neo-liberal interventionist cabal more interested in war and post-modernist globalist Pax Americana than in the fate of old Left's ideas of economic disparity between what today is known as 1% and the rest. Secondly, speaking broadly, US is not multi-party political system anymore--it is one-party rule country which still pretends that it is "democracy" and "republic"--it is neither. US de facto is ruled by a single party of corrupt power-hungry hawks who have media propaganda machine at their disposal and classic American political distinction between  GOP and Democrats is, at this stage, irrelevant. After all, supposedly "dedicated" GOPers such as neocons had no problem changing their party affiliations and endorse Hillary who, in her political outlook, ideologically would fit well in either political "party". The only "difference" today between so called Democrats and Republicans is this "important" question of sexual minorities and the speed with which US must become Orwellian reservation. Both parties are in the pockets of Wall Street, Military-Industrial Complex and ethnic and religious mafias. Democrats want Orwellian "reality"  as fast as possible, Republicans are still trying to squeeze better deal for themselves and their donors while they can and then--no problem, the completion of the mad house, which US is increasingly reminiscent of, can commence unopposed. They still think that they will leave their lives out in gated communities--what a bunch of ignorant morons. This is just the start.

Yet, this Hillary's "Left" and political prostitute Ryan's "Right" are nervous, very nervous in a face of The Donald. I agree with many sensible observers of American political stage--Donald is a very flawed man, no doubt about that. Yet, by a strange (or may be not) coincidence he touched American nation's nerve and committed a criminal offense on a massive scale--he started talking about what majority of Americans really care about and talk, and think, among themselves. Establishment can not have this, because for them this means one thing--being accused of incompetence, malice and treason of majority of American people with all that this entails. I wrote a lot on the incompetence of US "elites" but desperate times call for desperate measures. In the latest salvo by HRC's campaign against Trump US media-machine pulls into the light yet another "expert". Enter  former US "intelligence officer" Malcolm Nance. 

Former U.S. intelligence officer: Russia has turned Trump into ‘unwitting asset’

Wow! But before we get into details of this "former intelligence officer's" Clanciesque BS, let's take a look at the guy himself. In the US this guy goes under such titles as: Malcolm Wrightson Nance (born 1961 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an American career cryptologic senior chief petty officer, author, scholar and media commentator on international terrorism, intelligence, insurgency and torture. He is an internationally recognized expert in the history, personalities and organization of al Qaeda and its affiliates including the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant ISIL; jihadi radicalization, Islamic extremism in Middle East, Southwest Asian and African terror groups, as well as counterinsurgency and asymmetric warfare. Malcolm Nance practices in the fields of national security policy particularly in anti- and counter-terrorism intelligence, terrorist strategy and tactics, torture and counter-ideology in combatting Islamic extremism. In 2014 he became the executive director of the counter-ideology think tank the Terror Asymmetrics Project on Strategy, Tactics and Radical Ideologies (TAPSTRI) in Hudson, New York.

Before I start I want to make it very clear: throughout my feeble military career I served with many highly professional Chief Petty Officers some of whom were "professional cryptologists" or, in Russian, were called SPS (СПС--Связь Повышенной Скрытности) or The Increased Clandestine Communications. These were people who were the ones who carried what was known as not even Top Secret but Special Significance (Особой Важности), something akin to US Code Word status, cipher materials for communications systems and were extremely restrained people. Those, sometimes college-educated, Chiefs were NOT "cryptologists", in essence they were protocol care takers, nothing more. I do not want to go deep into this but in those times they physically delivered what was known as "seasonal materials"--things for which one, should he have lost or incorrectly destroyed those, could face a court marshal and very serious and long terms of imprisonment. In some other, severe, cases--one could face a "firing squad". The actual cryptology requires a very serious education in... math. Well, here we have a "scholar" who has a whole high school diploma behind him: Malcolm Nance is a graduate of West Catholic Boys High School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Well, let's see what his competences were in the US Navy and for that we go to the... US Navy's careers site. As you can see immediately, this Malcolm Nance "scholar" guy most likely was a cryptologist technician with all things this, with all my love and respect to technicians, expertise level entails--purely narrow focused set of skills. Well, anything above this technician focus, that is even junior officer position, as we can see, requires: Within Navy Cryptology, there are distinct focus areas that have their own training paths and job descriptions. Each CT role works under the oversight of Cryptologic Warfare Officers (four-year degree required) or Cyber Warfare Engineers (four-year degree required) – and potentially both. Nance, doesn't have any of it and while we shouldn't doubt his possible serious experience as a cryptology care taker, I doubt he can be described as real serious intelligence officer who has the ability to pass judgements on the subject matter which requires a completely different academic, experience and military-intelligence level. Yet, this self-proclaimed "scholar" had no problem dropping one of the stupidest and ignorant platitudes for the sake of Hillary's campaign: The intelligence term, Nance explained, refers to “someone who thinks they’ve adopted a position but that position has been carved out for them, groomed for them.” “They’ve been put into a position where they can actually carry out the wishes of another power,” he said. “Lenin used to call these people ‘useful idiots.’”

So, the guy thinks that he is qualified, which he is not (not even close), to pass the judgement on what could only be described as the greatest operation of influence in history by turning Donald Trump in Russian Manchurian candidate?  Absolutely, this guy really thinks so. Not only that, look at this:


This guy already managed to write a "book" which went on sale on Amazon on October 10. Talk about convenient coincidence but the the question has to be asked: does this "intelligence officer" really know on what level and who plans and executes such level of operations? If he says yes, this "expert" if full o' shit. Can this "internationally renown" specialist in Al Qaeda support his "theses" on anything Russia-related? We all know the answer. The guy is invested in HRC's campaign and uses a military and intelligence lingo and titles to BS incompetent public thus revealing himself as a paid stooge of Hillary and those who are behind her. But let's recall what really serious people (with many serious degrees) stated recently--I refer to Nicholas Gvozdev: 

Last year, the calculation of Saudi Arabia—and by extension of the United States—was that Russia could not sustain its more assertive position in the Middle East (and other parts of the world) in light of declining energy prices, and that unsheathing the oil weapon would curb Kremlin ambitions. This was wrong. Today, it is Saudi Arabia that has begun to search for ways to firm up oil prices while Rosneft—Russia’s state oil company—declares that it has no need for capping production. Syria has not proven to be the quagmire that President Obama said it would be for Moscow. The Russia-Turkey partnership now seems to be back on track while Ankara’s ties with Washington worsen. While the Trans-Pacific Partnership, America’s signature economic initiative for Asia, is on political life support, Chinese president Xi Jinping will travel to the BRICS summit in Goa later this week to unveil ambitious proposals for free trade arrangements that bypass the West.  

If this truly educated man (Gvozdev), who spent years teaching US Naval officers in Naval War College had to admit that the US calculations, assumptions and decisions on Russia were wrong--and those were made by people who, unlike our "expert", actually are very high-ranking analytical and intelligence people, some with damn serious degrees--any comments by some Chief who spreads some dead Clanciesque and le Carre's "intelligence" cliches and myths are, frankly, preposterous. Nance's "opinions" on Russia are nothing more than a propaganda fodder and lies on the subject Malcolm Nance can not possibly have any competent opinion precisely for the reasons of him never operating on any, even junior, intelligence level in anything related to Russia. Those who did buy his "opinion", failed miserably, accepting politically-driven BS from some low level hack in support of Hillary and against Trump which is ridiculous. Time to speak in broadsides. I would suggest Mr. Nance to stick to what he supposedly is "expert" in--Al Qaeda--and to try to stop spreading BS both about Trump and Russia, albeit at this stage, it makes no difference for Russia at all. 

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