Friday, October 14, 2016

New Olympic Sports.

By now, after doping scandals from WADA and hackers' revelations about massive "officially allowed" medical exceptions for full-blown doping for sportsmen from some "exceptional" nations, after political atrocity against Russian, absolutely clean, para-Olympians,  I hope the modern Olympic movement goes the same way the horse buggy went. It is totally corrupted and ideologically-driven. But not before that:

Pole dancing at the Olympics? Federation seeks IOC recognition.

Hey, if Bob Dylan can get Nobel Prize for Literature (nothing personal against Bob per se and he does have some awesome songs) why not pole-dancing? No, really, this could be an awesome Olympic "sport", it certainly will attract vast TV audience of males around the globe. I also would suggest in this case to add to Olympics: "threesomes with obstacles", "lap dance relays" and "track and field masturbation"--that sure as hell will make steadily declining Olympic Games audiences explode and will provide TV ratings which will finally beat those of soccer's World Cup. Think about it. I would love to see the faces of feminists. But this is just me.

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