Saturday, June 26, 2021

So, It Is Confirmed.

That it was London's clown BoJo and his courtier that decided that they are real power. 

The British government signed off on a plan to sail a battleship through disputed waters off the coast of Crimea, over the objections of its foreign policy chief, according to bombshell new claims in London's Telegraph newspaper.In a report released on Thursday night, the outlet – known to be close to Prime Minister Boris Johnson – alleged that Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab had "raised concerns" about the mission, proposed by defense chiefs, in advance. He was reportedly worried that the move could hand a potential victory to Moscow.The account of events claims that Johnson was ultimately called in to settle the dispute. The Type-45 destroyer HMS Defender was given its orders on Monday, ahead of a clash with the Russian navy and air force two days later.
This is everything one needs to know about (lack of) thought process in London. Not to be outdone, of course, is BoJo's Defense Secretary Ben Wallace who graduated whatever number of weeks from Sandhurst and you can easily look up WHAT Sandhurst really is. Generally, looking at modern "products" of British education system you can see a lot of eccentricity, bordering on epatage, and huge deficiency in both professional (especially military) and statesmanship qualities. This is a problem with "humanities" educated people in general, and with people who graduate from what used to be grossly oversold as "elite" British institutions. Judging by BoJo and other UK "statesmen" such as Gavin Williamson whose military qualifications and education amounted to running a fireplace manufacturing shop and degree in Social Studies, when he was Defense Secretary, things are not going to get better in UK. 
Judging by the pathetic state in which one finds UK today it is legitimate to conclude that UK's educational and elite-preparation systems are complete failures, which, if not for this pip squeak of a country being a member of NATO, produce imbeciles who may, indeed, unleash WW III in which UK will cease to exist in a matter of minutes. Well, try to explain this reality to some Oxford graduate who is "educated" in classics and English. But then again, I am on record about Western "elites" and even dedicated a large chapter on them in my latest book. And here we are: when Russian diplomats begin to state that next time Russia will sink whatever enters territorial waters, that matters and people better listen. 

Now, the poor guy has to play Orwellian game of propaganda in British tabloids:

Captain of HMS Defender warns the Kremlin he will do whatever it takes to protect the 240 people serving on his ship

Of course, somebody forgot to tell him that there are at least four newest SSKs of project 636 patrolling the Black Sea waters, as I type this, each of them capable of a salvo of 6 3M54 Kalibrs ASM and carry also long range torpedoes which will have little trouble blowing anything out of the water and you cannot shake them off. This is just one of many ways Russia will deal with anything trying to violate her sovereignty. How about Captain of HMS Defender warns his own ignorant and reckless government about that. That will be a much better application of his commanding talents. It is about time UK elites faced the fact that their country is a lap dog and is insignificant economically and, especially, militarily and should behave accordingly.

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