Monday, June 21, 2021

SINKEX By Turkish Navy.

Turkish Navy has released the video of its indigenous Atmaca anti-shipping missile sinking an old TCG Isin of the former US Navy's  Diver-class rescue and salvage ship.

Atmaca, whose respectable warhead measures around 250 kilos of high explosives, evidently, had very little difficulty in sending this, 1600 ton of displacement, old timer to the bottom of the sea when launched from the distance of 5 kilometers. Atmaca is yet another iteration of the good ol' veteran Harpoon, being subsonic 800 kilogram total weight anti-shipping missile in a classic 2x4 container scheme and it should add capability to Turkish Navy. But as is always the case with WiKi, nobody will be able to explain how the monstrous Russian-Indian Brahmos with its 3 ton weight, M=3 velocity and a range of 800 kilometers ended up being listed in what amounts to now a basic anti-shipping package of subsonic 250-300 (plus-minus) kilometer range light missiles. I don't know. Completely different class of weapons. But then again, it is WiKi. But for your pleasure--SINKEX. And I, honestly, always hit a mental short pause when I see an old ship being sacrificed. They are never just a pile of metal.

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