Saturday, June 5, 2021

Parallels, Analogies Etc.

I wrote about this extensively when quoting a brilliant article by Irina Alksnis a couple of years ago. Recall this: 

As you may know, I hate historical parallels--most of them lack necessary depth and context. Yet, Vladimir Putin yesterday drew a direct MO parallel between Soviet Union and the United States. 

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin said the United States was wrong to think that it is "powerful enough" to get away with threatening other countries, a mistake, he said, that led to the downfall of the former Soviet Union.  Putin made the comments during a press briefing late on Friday as he spoke about U.S. sanctions against Moscow, according to Russia's news agency TASS. "We hear threats from the Congress, from other sources. It is all done within the context of the United States' domestic political process," Putin was quoted as saying. "The people who do this, they probably assume that the United States has such economic, military and political might that it can get away with that. It is no big deal, that is what they think." Putin said such behaviour reminded him of the Soviet Union. "The problem with empires is that they think they are powerful enough to make some mistakes. We will buy these (people), bully them, make a deal with them, give necklaces to them, threaten them with battleships. And this will solve all the problems. But problems accumulate. A moment comes when they cannot be solved anymore."

This moment has come already in 2014 and since then, as you all know, things were not going that well for the United States, especially in the field in which the United States proclaimed itself "the finest fighting force in the history of the world".  Why the United States arrived to this conclusion is the question I am trying to answer in my books and this blog for 7 years now. But Putin is correct insofar as pointing out great, if not gross, limitations of the American power, which, for starters, as any power, is not static and undergoes transformation non-stop. This Putin's statement, as well as his dramatic "we are not obliged to feed everyone" (in Russian),

and a very satisfied expression on Gerhard Schroder's face (starting at 1:42) are good indicators of Russia's position for the upcoming summit in Geneva and it is a very bad news for Ukraine. Well, this plus the fact that the first stage of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline is completed. That amounts, actually, to Ukraine's worst nightmare because Russia, indeed, doesn't want to support Ukraine economically in anyway and the main issue today is WHO will pay for Ukraine's mess. Certainly not Russia. US' feeble attempts to convince Germany to allow Ukraine to be a party of US-German negotiations on NS2 is just a political circus, because nobody wants this shithole of a country on their balance. The United States obviously wants to continue to use Ukraine as a ram against Russia, but...but...but one has to have at least some bang for a buck and in Ukraine this is simply not possible, because it is against Russia, not Iraq.

The sooner all those ignoramuses in the State Department, especially its Russia "section", headed by Kagan's cabal, understand that, the better it will be for the United States which is in no position to press Russia through Ukraine, because if pushed too far, Russia will react and that will make the United States look very weak. Well, that is the main reason for the American side stalking Russians trying to obtain the agreement on holding the summit. While I do not agree with recent events around Ukraine being compared to Cuban Missile Crisis, there was no doubt that the only option the United States had if Russia would "deal" with Ukraine was to escalate to nuclear threshold in desperate attempts to mitigate enormous political and reputational losses the United States would incur after Russia would annihilate both VSU and current Ukrainian statehood. Even ignorant and possessed neocons in D.C. understand that and want to live. The upcoming summit will be primarily about that--somebody in D.C. got the message and got scared. 

I still cannot wrap my brain around the whole proceedings in Geneva in terms of how Putin would communicate with Biden, but it is what it is, so I don't really care. As long as US exceptionalists begin to understand that they are not that exceptional--good, we all may avoid a major war and it is all for the better. Putin, obviously, knows the present state of the United States and the talk we hear from Moscow today indicates that Russia is absolutely confident and means what she states. As long as the United States will not do stupid things in Ukraine, like trying to "rebuild" Ukrainian Army--a dubious proposition in a better times for the US, forget about now--things should be fine and Europe will get its gas, thus giving Germany a small fighting economic chance before Bundestag will get filled with woke globalist shills from the Green Party whose main objective is to turn already badly mauled Germany into the third world shithole. But that is a strictly internal German affair--people deserve the government they elect. In this sense, Putin drawing parallels with the Soviet Union are not incorrect and as I wrote recently, the United States simply reached limits, which cannot be pushed anymore. It is a completely new paradigm.

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