Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Movements And Shifts...

I know, we all are a bit down but two days ago I caught the feeling of wonderment and almost sonic ecstasy I didn't experience since my youth in 70-s and 80s when music was awesome and we were blessed with a supernova of creative talent. Of course, I had a rendezvous with my beloved legends of ELO couple of years ago, but I knew all their material. But two days Leonid and Friends posted their original send-off to their friend and composer Alexey Ashtaev and since then I cannot stop listening to this fusion-prog-rock masterpiece. This IS the Music. Evidently I am not the only one who is just afflicted by this addiction. People are just hooked.

The fact that Ksenia is drop-dead gorgeous apart from being insanely talented adds a thrill and enjoyment. The rhythm section with Leonid's bass and Igor Dzhavad-zade's drums is freaking insane. Enjoy and take it easy.  Few days ago it was Till Lindemann with his stunning rendition  of Lyubimyi Gorod, now this.

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