Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Fourteen Russian Sailors Die In Fire.

On what is being reported as a deep-diving station AS-12 aka Losharik. This is GUGI's (Main Directorate of Deep-Water Research) field--a very classified field, I may add. Presently the submersible is back to base in Severomorsk. It looks like the investigation is already in full swing and is headed by Navy's Commander in Chief. Stay tuned, all of it may change completely once more information pours in. 

UPDATE: my personal opinion: from what I gather, the tragedy happened in the base. Norway tried to "throw in" some news (fake, of course) that there was some kind of gas explosion. Russian MoD vehemently denied it.

UPDATE 07/03/19. Pretty much most of it summed up here:
Heroic Russian naval officers sacrificed their lives, saving their colleagues and a civilian, as they battled flames on board a deepwater research submersible in the Barents Sea, the nation’s defense minister has said.The fire on the Navy’s deepwater research submersible had claimed the lives on 14 officers on board on Monday. Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu shared some details of the crew’s conduct.“The crew acted heroically in a critical situation. They evacuated a civilian from the compartment, which was engulfed in flames, and sealed the door behind him in order to avoid the spreading of the fire onto the rest of the vessel,” he said.
As was suspected from the get go--it was fire and the compartment, as is most of the time the case on subs, was sealed--it is THE procedure--they fought it and got it under control. Out of the crew of 25 + civilians on board, 14 died. Request for people at this blog: please do not refer here to such tabloids as Debka File and other "ANALytical" organizations of this type--their main task is to spread BS, the same goes for Western MSM. As for deceased, they are on the eternal patrol.

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