Saturday, March 9, 2019

Michael Pence Is A Dangerous Ignoramus...

Which one would expect from one-dimensional, not very bright, colorless Christian Zionist such as Trump's VP. When even Bloomerg is forced to publish some rather stunning revelations, one must ask--how degenerate US "elites" are?
You see, guys, here is a dude with "education" in, ahem, law and who is born-again Evangelical so called Christian which is a euphemism for largely Israeli-firsters who update their geopolitical views in Sunday Schools through sermons of illiterate clergy--a most vocal group in US electoral politics which is in the foundation of neocons' dominating US aggressive and mindless foreign policy. So, here is the level of US "elites", folks, who are firmly in the deep pockets of what...well, why don't we listen to Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson who knows about this on the order of magnitude more than I do.

Listen to the end, with Wilkerson making a conclusion much harsher than even I would make. In this Pence's "plan", however, the funniest (no, really--it is funny) part is how the United States wants to "fight" Russia to the last German, French, Arab, what have you. I already described one idiot from Foreign Policy Council, who passes there as a "Russian scholar", Pence seems to be in the same league of morons who are too lazy to:

1. Study basic facts about Azov Sea;
2. have no idea how this will look militarily. 

Granted, of course, they do not need to do so, since the main objective of this whole insanity is:
The vice president’s meeting with Merkel at the Bayerischer Hof hotel in the Bavarian capital came just after her most spirited defense of the global order yet. Drawing a standing ovation from senior security officials, she lambasted Trump’s threats on imposing tariffs on European cars as a matter of national security, pledged Germany would reach the NATO spending goal at its own pace, and stick to the Iran accord. The German leader had also observed with alarm an aggressive and coordinated U.S. diplomatic push to halt a Russian gas pipeline, Nord Stream 2. According to people close to her, that was one factor that led her to double down at Munich.
Colonel Wilkerson asks emphatically, if the well of US national security "talent" is so shallow that specimens such as Abrams, Bolton, in the end Pence himself are constantly in the orbit or coming back time after time as go to "national security" people? Yes, Colonel, it is--US has no competent national security and foreign policy specialists at the highest political level, all of them products of the Ivy League degree mills and are utterly unqualified, lack of any human integrity and utter corruption apart, to run pizza parlor, forget foreign policy of the United States. But, in general, this latest snafu from Trump's Admin is just another sign of a level of intellectual degeneration and the danger people in power in D.C. present to the remnants of the Republic and the world at large.     

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