Thursday, August 31, 2017

Blank Is...Well, Blank

It would have been a complete LOL if it wouldn't have been so pathetic and dangerous. American Russian "studies" field (that is mostly collection of amateurs with all kinds of useless Ph.D degrees in history and political "science") is in despair. It hates Russian guts so much that it did descend into a complete madness. Here is the guy who is, supposedly, a Russian "scholar", moreover he taught Russian/Soviet whatever BS is taught there in US Strategic Studies Institute at the US Army War College. His name is Dr. Stephen Blank. Now get what this guy, who has all those "national security studies" Ph.Ds, offers in his hysterical piece at, where else, Atlantic Council. I quote:

The limits to Russia’s capacity for military escalation are actually becoming clearer. The situation calls for continuing and extending those costs, while leaving the door open for serious negotiation when Moscow is truly ready.In practice this means that Washington should send US Navy warships into the Sea of Azov through the Kerch Strait to demonstrate our commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty and integrity and the freedom of navigation on the seas, which has been a cornerstone of US foreign policy since 1789. (This is similar to what the United States is doing in the South China Sea.) And NATO should do the same thing. Another way to impose costs on Russia is to give Ukraine the defensive weapons it needs and has requested to fight aggression. Not only is this in keeping with US policy since 1947, it also shows Putin and his cronies that he cannot redraw borders or disrespect the United States without paying the price. 

Obviously this "internationally renown" "professor" just made out of himself a complete moron (he, most likely, was the one to start with) since no sane person would suggest sending any serious combat ship into the Azov Sea whose deepest part is... 15 meters. While it's average depth is... 7 meters. For our "respected" scholar, who also managed to consult CIA throughout his "illustrious" career, the average draft of US Navy's  DDG of Arleigh Burke-class, a main surface combatant America has, is... drum roll... 9.3 meters. Obviously, it is not in fine tradition of an American "national security studies" to know what isobath is, but hey, they don't teach that there. I am sure if Mr. Blank will gather his will in one mighty fist he may even develop a "strategy" of deployment of US Navy's mighty carrier battle groups into Azov Sea--right under the nose of Russia's cruise missiles and Naval and Air Forces. So, my friends, the signs of a complete meltdown in American "intellectual" field are becoming overwhelming. It has to be stated that it was like this most of the post-WWII period, with some exceptions, of course. Now, in the world of free information exchange the imbecility and warmongering of US so called "elites" is being paraded globally, for everyone to see. Sheer incompetence, lack of academic and human culture, ignorant chauvinism, egos larger than cathedrals and a disastrous record in any field of the "national security studies" have become a defining feature of these "elites". Their academic and moral bankruptcy can not be hidden anymore. Luckily, real America, which does not reside in the dormitories of the large coastal liberal universities and in suburbia of large coastal cities, does understand what is going on. Will this America's voice be heard again as it was in November 2016? Meanwhile I would suggest Dr.Blank try himself in the field of open heart surgery or in quantum mechanics, I am sure he will excel there the same as he did in his Russian "studies". At least in open heart surgery he may kill only one unlucky person, as opposed to a nightmare he proposes in his insane piece--consequences then could be catastrophic for everyone on the planet.   

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