Friday, August 4, 2017

American Modern Art At Its Finest.

Feeling bad, down? Dire Straits' The Telegraph Road in your head? The Friday at Smoothie's Blog (I kid, I kid)? Well, apart from superb music, the video shows places I've been many times to, or very similar ones. I know how desperation looks and feels like--I know American West really... not bad. I, for some reason, never was attracted to the glitz of big cities, I always preferred back roads' diners, not an exquisite cuisine. I never will be able to live in Canada (despite loving her magnificent nature)--they are not big of Chicken Fried Steak--I have to have those. Yet, as always blues makes it all come together very nicely, especially when played by Joe Bonamassa. 

Blues is eternal...So is American desperation (yes, I almost stole it from Pink Floyd).

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