Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Some Lozungi And Dazibao.

Because I am feeling like crap (either bronchitis or cold--coughing a lot), here are some Lozungi (Slogans) and Dazibao (keeping our Chinese friends involved) I might as well share with you. These Dazibao are mostly of archetypal, philosophical, nature--a precise type which appears in a mind of a man exhausted by coughing. One also can construe these as theses. No, not April ones;-))

1. War is an act of culture. 
2. Marxism is an analytical tool, it is not prescription. 
3. Modern West is not West anymore. 
4. Art either serves universal good or it trash.
5. Western real left barely survives, what goes under this moniker is not left--it is rotting liberalism's last stand against revelation of a true nature of the system.
6. "Cultural Marxism" is not "Marxism" it is concoction by perverted Western so called "intellectuals" who were (are) radically globalist (see p.5). 
7. Family is the last bastion of civilization. 
8. Family is the foundation of a nation. 
9. Truth is knowable and the world is not relativist. 
10.  ....Whatever;-)))

Now to some really funny news from Russia. There are many, serious, I may add Russian analysts (or observers) who do state that Putin's revolution has started. I agree. In fact this this revolution was ongoing since 2014 and, part from real uprooting of criminal hi end clans (enough to recall recent purge of Gazprom or getting Arashukov and his "family" behind bars among many), or installing in Russia's regions what amounts to general-governors with extraordinary powers--one can sense how the ship of state changes its course radically. How? How about another sign of times:
Boy, talk about a shot (or a salvo) across the bow. I am sure urban office plankton is having multiple heart-attacks as I type this. This is unprecedented--to be booted off the pulpit of State Duma with almost direct accusations of incompetence of the whole government. Something is up and it is huge in Russia. This, however, was not unexpected--eventually removal of the economic block will start in earnest because new cadres are beginning to take the stage, and unlike a bunch of white board know-nothings financiers, Russia has a huge demand for industrial technocrats (such as brilliant Yuri Borisov) who can run industries, not accounting services for fast food chains or notary offices (nothing personal against those noble and needed professions).  And here is my last thesis of the day:

11. Productive labor is a historic category and it is this labor which sustains nations, including, as is the case with Russia, producing top notch weapons which can now guard safely this labor. 

Now, if it will be confirmed that Indian SU-30 shot down Pakistani AIM-120 AMRAAM, I cannot emphasize enough what this all means. But I will wait for more facts coming to light. At least India and Pakistan are talking again. Good, no one wants war between nuclear states.    

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