Friday, March 22, 2019

Pompeo, WTF?

I am beginning to think that it is time to talk not only about incompetence of current US top echelon, but of its mental inadequacy.
WTF? But wait, it is all for stroking America's (so called) Christian Zionists, and CBN is exactly that, in preparation to Trump's illegal recognition of the Golan Heights as Israel's territory. 
It is down right fascinating (I don't use such terms as sad, pathetic, humiliating anymore) how Donald Trump turned, within the first half of his tenure, into the most neocon and Israeli-controlled POTUS. Unprecedented. Forget about International Law and simply observe how Trump and his "family" goes out all the way to keep BiBi Netanyahu in power. Trump presidency is finished, it was for some time, the fact being hidden by self-aggrandizing and bellicose rhetoric, but fact is--Donald J. Trump is Israel's stooge and his current administration is a collection of Israel-first hacks. As Harper writes yesterday: 
While agreeing with him in principle I made one remark, however:
I would say that the cause is Trump himself. Real estate hasslers and hustlers do not make good statesmen and geopolitical and security thinkers.
Indeed, all this mess is of Trump's own making and for those who still have any illusions on some Trump's "strategy", here is the truth--there is none. Read what Larry Johnson has to say on this whole clusterfvck. There is no even pretense anymore of some "deep thought" or "competence"--it is a full blown panopticon.   

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