Monday, March 25, 2019

Making Israel Great Again, One Country At A Time.

Trump is a first fully Zionist POTUS in American history. Now he decided to give to Israel part of the territory which is Syria's, but never mind International Law, as long as Ivanka, Jared (most likely some form of Mossad's asset) and Bibi are happy, everyone is happy. At least in the White House. Obviously, Trump's recognition of Golan Heights as part of Israel does not mean a squat in serious geopolitics, other than the propaganda value for BiBi's campaign to get re-elected and avoid being criminally charged in Israel. 
The main issue here is not Israel, however de facto in control of US foreign policy, but a desire of Russia to talk to Trump. Lavrov was quick in expressing to Pompeo all he, and Kremlin, think about this whole histrionics, but in the end, it is not for Trump to decide but for a military-political balance around Israel where this whole PR clusterfvck may go. And Russia can certainly make sure that if push comes to shove there will be enough hardware to make Israel's life hard, much-much harder than it is now. It is difficult to convey what a real PR disaster, especially in a long run, for the US this recognition is, but, I guess, Mueller Report is what got to the Trump's head. This, plus, of course, AIPAC Conference taking place now in D.C. Talk about "collusion". And where is a Special Counsel when you need one.  

Meanwhile, something is up in Venezuela and it all might well be the part of what I talk about for years--Russia "selling" the most valuable product on the market today--a political stability. Patrick Armstrong yesterday posted a very interesting hypothesis about Donald Trump and some observations he makes are very worthwhile. But I also have to ask the question, can we at least allow some probability of current US elites being utterly incompetent? This, I think, should not be discounted at all and, in fact, should be considered strongly each time we observe the United States turning into Bismark's version of Russia:
You can rephrase Bismark in relation to modern US completely on your own.   

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