Friday, March 1, 2019

A True American Treasure.

I know it is a sacrilege to say this, but this version of Robert Plant's Big Log for me is better than original. It is sang by incomparable Allison Krauss,  from her brother's album Far From Enough. Robert sang this with her too. 

Remarkably, this Youtube video features a single photograph of what comes to mind by listening to this masterpiece--rails and trains. In fact the whole album is like this--an incredible mix of Americana (UK simply has no such distances to inspire) and an amazing musicianship, not least by one of the greatest guitar-players of the age Bill Frisell. It is Friday and time to unwind (I had root canal on Wednesday--still having issues) by contemplating America which I love and which is disappearing in the wind like an angelic voice of Allison Krauss. 

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