Friday, August 10, 2018

Soviet Union's Underground Anthem.

It is still  the greatest break up (or otherwise) anthem of all times. David Byron (oh-h, David--alcohol is never good for anyone) , Ken Hensley, Mick Box, Paul Newton, Iain Clark and, yes, Manfred Mann on Moog in a climactic coda of this masterpiece. It is Friday and it is time to experience Uriah Heep's Gothic majesty and drama sculpted into music. 

I am not sure how many virginities were lost to in 1970s between Hotel California and This. My ballpark figure would be around 65-70% combined, with about even split between the two, but it is just me--I am not really good at this kind of statistics. Yet, it is Friday and it is time to get back to the times when music was awesome. Like this, which was blowing your brains out from UH's stunning album Look At Yourself. You think you know what real HEAVY is? Farting and "screaming" in mic and using over-distorted guitars doesn't make one "heavy". As Roger Glover of Deep Purple once said--heavy is not loudness, it is attitude. Here is how real heavy sounds. 

Wait, it was also this. Can you believe it--we also danced to this in 1977. Last album with David in 1976. 

 But, of course, there was a stunning Return To Fantasy in 1975

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