Thursday, August 16, 2018

New Marshal Shaposhnikov.

Remember two years ago I wrote this about modernization of Project 1155 (Udaloy-class) BPK Marshal Shaposhnikov? Well, Marshal Shaposhnikov is being modernized and by modernization I mean MODERNIZATION. Thanks to wonderful resource Sdelano U Nas, here is Shaposhnikov's photo in the dry dock in Vladivostok. 

As you can see, it is in effect a construction of a new ship. Everything new in terms of electronics will be installed on this old-timer and, most importantly, apart from 8 launchers of the X-35 Uran anti-shipping missile to be installed in place of the Rastrub anti-submarine missiles, second bow AK-100 is removed and 8 cells of UKSK vertical launchers will be installed and that means the ability to launch any Kalibr family  missile, be it TLAM, ASCM or anti-submarine one. It will be interesting to see what this modernization, once Shaposhnikov is recommissioned, will do for the rest of the fleet of these venerable and impressive ASW ships.  Nine of them are still around and Shaposhnikov is not the youngest of them.

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