Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Dam Is Breaking.

CNN suddenly is "changing shoes in the jump"? Do they sense something? I think they do. Pelosi is obviously not in normal psychological state--her panic manifests itself in her physical appearance and incoherent gibberish. In simple words, she freaks out. 

It is clear that release of THE FISA ABUSE MEMO (coupled with FBI's first major figure "departing") could be the start of legal uncovering of a treasure trove of corruption and anti-Constitutional activity in Washington. I lost an acute interest in this whole affair quite some time ago since made conclusions which are pretty much along the lines of what is beginning to be exposed by now--utter corruption in American political top. It doesn't take a genius, which I certainly am not, to figure out most details of this whole affair. My thoughts are not about that--I am merely counting the scale of a damage which has been dealt to the United States. Obviously no normal, forget well informed, person in the world buys anymore this utter crap about "democracy", "transparency", "serving" etc. 

There is also no doubt that US standing in the world has been severely damaged by this scandal and, effectively, a crawling soft coup. The main issue is HOW American so called "political class", which is not only utterly corrupt but down right dumb, can be substituted with actual, very real, American patriots and professionals who do care about preservation of that good that still remains in this country. What good, one may ask? Well, preservation of the Constitution is a good start, preserving America's mostly white and mostly Christian working class, what's left of it anyway--without it, there is no United States. There are many, very many decent hard-working people among them. Maybe it is a good idea to recall that at some point the United States was an industrial nation which, can you believe it, produced own consumer radio-electronics and appliances, and even slippers and socks. Yes, I know, hard to believe. US educational system, especially from the K-12 level has to be completely re-constituted. If this, together with some other, much more particular measures in revitalizing actual economy, will not be implemented, the US will disintegrate. Or, what is even more scary, unleash through the utter insanity of its "elites" a global war which will cost everyone dear.

The ongoing crisis, both economic and especially political, but even more important--the crisis of confidence--are of such scale that one is forced to consider such a scenario. It literally can happen. The US is pass the point of no return--we will not have the replay of 1990s and early 2000s, not to speak of 1980s. It is over, but at least we can try to envision some sort, some semblance of normality with more or less functioning political system and economy. Nothing fancy, just something that does work and doesn't usher in a bloodshed. But there is no denial of expectation of a dam breaking. Will it drain a swamp? If not--it is over.

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