Sunday, December 17, 2017

This Is The Way Things Should Be.

If you didn't hear, but kudos to POTUS and the... CIA. They did help prevent terrorist act in St. Petersburg by tipping off FSB on a ISIS sleeper cell. This, folks, is how civilized nations behave and fight a very real terrorist threat:

It added that Putin asked Trump to convey gratitude to the CIA and assured him that "if the Russian intelligence agencies receive information about potential terror threats against the United States and its citizens, they will immediately hand it over to their U.S. counterparts via their communications channels."
The response in Russia was overwhelmingly positive. As one commenter noted on Ria.Ru site:
Удивили! Но в любом случае огромное спасибо ЦРУ за спасенные жизни российских людей,с уважением... Translation: Surprising! But in any case huge thanks to CIA for saved Russian lives.
This situation merely confirms the assumption that exchange between two sides is ongoing and that, all things considered, is a good sign. I hope something positive will be built upon this, rather important, event. Good job!

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