Monday, January 23, 2017

Neo-Liberalism Is A Mental Ilness.

I mean it. Some imbecile local Swedish politician has resigned because he asked somebody "to shoot Donald Trump". Evidently, in Sweden, who prides itself on wholesale "democratic" rapes of cute Swedish blonde girls by ISIS and jihad sympathizers, who pass in Sweden as "refuges", and on great academic achievements in discovering alternative genders, it is not known that calling for, in effect, assassination of the leader of a foreign nation is not only a despicable act, it is also criminal. It is akin to this mama's boy Marco Rubio accusing President Putin of being a "war criminal".  Not as severe as some Swedish dimwit calling for Trump's assassination, but all the same--a position wrought with dangers of being sued. 

But apart from being morally reprehensible (US Secret Service--you can organize the meeting of this Swedish cretin with Tony "Torn Spleen" Bonaducci), the reasons why this imbecile has called for an attempt on Trump makes this whole thing surreal. As RT reports:

“He [Trump] risks the future of the entire Earth,” he said, adding that “now, when the world has started going in the right direction,” Trump plans to increase oil and coal production.   

Got it? Remember that psycho-environmental-bitch from England who aborted a child in order "to reduce a carbon footprint"? This is exactly the same situation with one huge difference. If that British pathetic excuse for a woman could abort a child with impunity, this environmental terrorism should not be left without attention and proper action. Any hysteria from liberals should be met with a decisive slap, a  legal one, or better yet, when situation calls for it, with mae-geri,  into their faces. This is the public, be it in US in a form of BLM, anarchists or militant SJWs, or in Europe with their sexual perverts and environmental terrorists, who, given the chance, will have no inhibition to arresting, torturing or killing normal people who would not agree with their insane ideological positions. They already wrecked numerous innocent lives of decent people. Of course, those acts will not be performed by this public, most of it are cowards and cry-babies, but they do have influence and we all should be ready for dealing with this insidious totalitarian threat. Meanwhile, a robust legal action should begin against this, now peeing into own pants, Swedish SJW who has to face a book thrown at him for calling for assassination of democratically elected President. This, below, has to be put back to where it belongs--mental asylums. Wake up, Sweden, wake up. 


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