Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Meanwhile In Syria. (18+)

These photos must be framed and installed on every desk in US State Department and whatever intelligence services are responsible for helping to create this evil. And they did help. The same goes for Israel's operatives who consider the existence of ISIS to be good for the safety of Israel. Those who call for removal of Assad's "regime", which fights this collection of US-supported "moderates" who migrate in and out of ISIS aegis based on the expediency of the moment, must be mentally evaluated, because only mad, amoral shitheads can view anyone who fights these animals "a brutal dictator".  This is an execution of 20 peasants in Deir ez-Zor. They were allegedly the "spies" for "coalition".

This is how the spread of "democracy" looks like. But then again, when Chechen "freedom-fighters" slaughtered children in Beslan or even cut the heads off of some hapless Britons, "West" still found a way to blame it on...Russia. But the time for hypocrisy and double standards is up. We live in the world of mass communications where information (and knowledge) travel fast and render the "profession" of spin doctors useless for those who think. As the title of the stunning WWII movie by Elem Klimov said--Idi I Smotri--Come And See.  We are in for a fight for the existence of human Civilization. Those who ignore it--they do it at their own, and others, peril. 

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