Friday, September 16, 2016

Happy Birthday, Medvedev--Here Is The Present For Ya.

It was Dmitry Medvedev's, Russia's incompetent liberal Prime-Minister (lawyer by trade), birthday yesterday. I wouldn't even pay attention to this hack's 51st but it was the present which was made to him by Vladimir Putin which really struck me, and very many others, as both a huge hint and, let's face it, affront. The present was also a huge policy statement. Putin gave Medvedev a picture titled "In The Industrial Shop". 
Happy BD, Mother Fucker.
The art piece depicts a large industrial machine-building plant and its message is unmistakable--re-industrialization must accelerate. This Putin's gesture is especially significant against the background of two competing economic programs which must be presented to Putin in the nearest future.  One is by Alexei Kudrin--a shill for globalist elite and a financier who has no idea about anything but bookkeeping and monetarism. The other--is by Stolypin's Club and this one is the program of massive, state-driven re-industrialization while liberalizing small and middle-size business--the program I wholeheartedly support with one huge caveat, however. 

So, Russian PM Medvedev was given, as I think, the last (not-Chinese) warning--to shape up or... Well, who knows, Putin is an extremely loyal friend--sometimes at his own, and nation's, peril--but the events of the last 3 years may change his approaches to personal relations. After all, he has a huge country to run and Russian are ready, nay--yearn, to get back at what Russians are known for--making things. As for the present? Putin never makes hollow gestures... 

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