Monday, May 2, 2016

So Much For Trump's New Foreign Policy Outlook.

I guess that speaks volumes

Evidently The Donald is not well acquainted with decades' long practice of both Soviet/Russian and NATO planes doing this to each-other. 

US P-3 Orion Making Passes Over Soviet Project 57 Destroyer, 1970s.
But then again, what can one expect from the guy who knows how to build casinos but, I am pretty sure, knows very little about what he will do if Russian intelligence plane will fly near US air space. In my military life in 1980s I was flown over by F-104 Star-fighters of Luftwaffe, was harassed by Dutch minesweepers in Danish Straits, saw Swedish Viggens doing really crazy things and...well, too long to list all of it. Militaries do it all the time. If Donald wants to shoot at Russian planes (or ships) on any instance of US planes or ships being slightly "harassed", I don't think his presidency (granted, he gets the nomination and wins general election) will last very long. In general, as the truism goes--patriotism grows in direct proportion with the distance from the battlefield. 

That is why, instead of blowing every instance of contact out of proportion and getting hysterical, it is a good idea to start thinking in terms of real national interests and how they will be best served by toning down propaganda and concentrating on finding a resolution to what is shaping to be a very dangerous second issue of Cold War. 
This Is Very Fresh. P-3 Orion Over Russian Naval Ship.
I sucked as a photographer, but below is French Breguet-Atlantic doing its thing in 1984 Biscay

 Or that:

This Is Not My Photo.

Somebody, and I know US Air Force and US Navy have vast numbers of top notch professionals, please, give Mr. Trump some briefing on how serious militaries interact in their respective operational zones.  This may come really handy if Mr. Trump will try to "make a deal" with Russia, which, I am sure, is nothing more than a hollow campaign promise.  But at least he will not start WW III--a real, hot one. 


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