Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Strange Bedfellows?

Some interesting development in Ukraine. A month ago, in my Announcement post, I mentioned the possibility of Moscow (and Novorossia) at least exercising the idea of Benya Kolomoyski as "Our Son Of A Bitch". That idea doesn't seem that far-fetched anymore. Evidently, Kolomoiski and Novorossia exchanged some pleasantries which come down to recognizing each-other as viable political (geopolitical) subjects. Zakharchenko today offered Benya to create independent Dnepropetrovsk Republic.

I am in no position to give an expanded explanation to this play--I am still very busy with translating the book--but it is clear that Moscow can, and if necessary, will play really rough if Kiev's junta will continue to follow Washington's orders. Meanwhile I continue to follow this remarkable development. 


  1. That's interesting development. I read Zaharchenko speech elsewhere. But considering Kolomoiski just resigned I wonder is there anything to it beyond just chit chat.
    I myself was born in Dnepropetrovsk hence not indifferent to developments despite the fact that Dnepropetrovsk now is not the one I remember.

  2. We'll see. Benya is not going down without some kind of "operation". As Ishenko (who is an absolute genius) noted--instead of this one, the new "Benya" will emerge. Very possible. Disintegration of Ukraine into feudal fiefdoms continues.

  3. With each passing day Junta is getting weaker. Infighting will only increase the trend.
    Meanwhile I guess Novorossiya forces are getting ready and absorbing captured equipment and mobilizing more forces. Ukrainian forces are only getting weaker. I do not discount next time they can completely collapse.