Friday, March 27, 2015

In 1981 while on a leave...............

I was sitting with my older naval academy buddy in his Baku apartment, while on liberty, listening to Village People from his collection of LPs, sipping the beer, and wondering why this sounded so good. It also sounded really good on my naval academy's discotheque's opening. Now, 34 years later I am witnessing all this which was inconceivable then. Pay attention to all those "suppressed" Russians circa 2015. Strange things happen......


  1. I was heavy into Italians, Secret Service and Donna Summers than.

  2. British Glam of 1970-s, in 1970-s, was the thing for us as a pop-music. This, and an ferocious fight against Disco;-) Yes, including Donna and Bee Gees. And then, of course, was the real rock-music.