Monday, May 11, 2020

I Guess It Is In Their Nature.

Russiagate hoax is not just imploding, now, for real, it is imploding with a serious implications for Mr. Obama--a mediocrity and small fragile man elected only because of his skin color and America, naively, thinking that he was a change everyone needed. Boy, did this guy Obama really brought a change. Now, this cesspool of Obama's top officials sing a very different song about Russiagate, because of being under the oath and fearing for their dear existence behind bars where all of them belong. I don't like this Judge Jeanine but her being a lawyer helps in her, quite correct, summary of Obama's instigated coup, which not only resulted in destroying US-Russian relations, but endangered the very existence of the United States as a nation where, at least internally, some laws were still working. Not anymore. 
So, there was no collusion--we knew this all along. DNC, as I state ad nauseam, is a mafia structure designed for only one purpose--grabbing power by ANY means. I hope that after General Flynn's case was dropped at least some indictments will follow. I do not hold my breath, though--US political system is corrupt top-bottom and is dysfunctional, Wake me up when Comey, Strzok or Clapper go to jail, then I may change my mind. But at least now we have official, under oath, confirmation by all top Obama's officials that this was all BS to deny Trump presidency. If it meant destroying relations with the only nation in the world capable to wipe the United States off the map in half an hour, Obama thought it was a reasonable price to pay.  

Speaking of Russia, to the greatest credit  of the former US military attache to Russia, Brigadier General Zwak, he tried to mitigate this Victory Day "history" piece on the White House web-site, which created a shitstorm not just in Russia. This is laudable (in Russian).  Other related news, however, are a bit unnerving for Pentagon since Russia just tested a brand new hypersonic missile (specifically stated--NOT X-32, which is very high supersonic M=4.6) for updated version of TU-22M3M (in Russian). As was predicted--saturation of Russia's forces with hypersonic weapons continues apace and we will not recognize warfare as a whole very soon. So, TU-22M3M will be able to carry not just Kinzhal but new system tailored specifically to these bombers which can strike deep into the Europe or oceans. 

In other related news, this morning I read a very funny (no, really, I mean it) piece of "economic analysis". 
LOL, I have an answer--because Dow is related the same way to economy as I am related to the greatest Sumo wrestlers. It is all fraud and cooked books. That is why. I also can give a hint: COVID-19 is merely a detail here, however convenient, for finding excuses for what has no relation to COVID-19 whatsoever and started long before pandemic arrived. But, hey, what do I really know. 

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