Friday, May 8, 2020

Are Russians That Good Or...

You have US political class to be that dumb? I think it is the latter.  Of course, Adam Schiff is an idiot (he even looks like one) but to consider the fact that for almost 4 years all those American "intellectuals" (especially from MSM) bought this BS, oh boy. This is what happens when one mixes degree in good Scotch with degree in actual sciences. Boy... 
And make no mistake, be it Lou Dobbs or whoever this "investigative" journo are--they are not the sharpest knives, so to speak--when even they begin to suspect something. It must be so fvcked up that one is forced to see this: 
UPDATE: my-my-my. Tucker, they are all sociopaths, some ARE psychopaths and they run this country. They all lie--this is the only thing they can do, literally. Look at their faces--masks. And yes, GOP wanted this Russiagate too, because the United States is a single party system. 

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