Friday, May 15, 2020

I Feel Sad On Friday.

That I may never fly those beauties again. I never cared about A-380, but I loved myself B-747s. Found some footage of old ladies (from 1980s no less) flying couple of week ago. This is after years and years in a desert. 
Recall also this giant taking to skies after 10 years in washout. 
Recall, what I wrote few years ago about real queens of the skies. I fell back to those times when I read that new second B-777X flew yesterday, and I love those "three axes". I hope Boeing knows what it is doing, because B-737 Max may end up as the plane which made us, in Northern America, consider traveling by car or using video-conferencing, while those magnificent large birds flying over oceans. 
P.S. Ah, the tender childhood (in USSR this cinematographic gem was called Air Adventures) ....Plus, you have to admit Electric Lightnings with their bizarre wings looked... cool.

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