Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Postoponed! Again?

By now you probably figured it out that I consider Elon Musk and most what he peddles as some wonder technology a glamorous fraud. But now it becomes really ridiculous and I wonder if these two news-pieces are related. 
First, of course, being yet another, now indefinite, delay of Falcon Heavy static tests. This was going on now for many days. As article states:

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket — described as “the most powerful operational rocket in the world by a factor of two” — is in position on a launchpad at the Kennedy Space Center, but the static-fire engine test set for today has been postponed indefinitely due to logistical and safety concerns. An Atlas 5 rocket will roll out to a nearby launch pad on Thursday.

But what caught my attention was a yesterday's piece on reputable Space.Com which reads as an indictment of Musk's faulty engineering: 

Could these two be connected and could it be a start of a long overdue process of unmasking Musk as a fraudster that he is? It is one thing to produce some shitty electric jalopy which exists mostly for satisfaction of tender egos of some rich liberal boys, who are still stuck in infancy--but dealing with serious space vehicles, especially ones carrying manned missions is a totally different universe altogether.  And even if Falcon Heavy's tests finally commence at some point of time, there are already serious doubts about Musk and his "company", whose financial records are guarded better than Fort Knox, are adequate for the immense task of space exploration. But, I guess, for a generation (or two) of iPhone users who think that it is real hi-tech, the idea that some Tesla will be launched to Mars seems quite attractive, despite total imbecility of the concept. 

In related news: Tesla Model 3 now will be (at some point) able to follow voice commands. Yes, all my life I was waiting for this "feature", that is granted that those who would want that thing will have to continue waiting for years before their car will be delivered. As Ben Stein used to say:

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