Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Double Whammy!

You can all recall this:

I wrote at UNZ about Putin's speech this:

If someone thought that this Putin's revelation was a fluke, an accidental "heat of the moment" emotional response, they are wrong. He was talking about what now increasingly becomes a policy. If you have any doubts about it? Enter Sergei Viktorovich Lavrov--a man who doesn't need any introduction. Today, at opening of the XXVI International Christmas Readings in Moscow Lavrov destroyed the so called "liberal" values. This is what he said:

Очевидно, что пересмотр базовых норм морали, вседозволенность, доведенная до абсурда толерантность наносят непоправимый ущерб нравственному здоровью людей, лишают их культурно-цивилизационных корней...Например, в ряде стран-членов ЕС вводятся запреты на религиозную атрибутику, родителей лишают права воспитывать детей в духе христианской морали. Хочу напомнить, что в свое время ЕС отказался закрепить в своих уставных документах тезис о том, что европейская цивилизация имеет христианские корни. Тот, кто стыдится своих нравственных корней, не может уважать представителей других вероисповеданий

It is obvious that revision of the fundamental norms of morality, wholesale permissiveness, tolerance reduced to the absurdity, all that damages irrevocably a moral-ethical health of people, deny them cultural-civilizational roots... For example, in some EU member-nations they introduce bans of religious attributes, parents are forbidden from bringing their children in the spirit of Christian morality. I want to remind you that at some time EU refused to fix in its founding documents thesis about European Civilization having Christian roots. Those who are ashamed of their moral roots cannot respect representatives of other faiths.

So, I ask again a question: what is REAL Western Civilization? This:

Or this: 

Which one is a highway to hell and which one is the road to the future for Western Civilization? And I am not even a Christian but I sure can vouch for a very real hell which is unfolding in what used to be Western Civilization.

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