Tuesday, January 2, 2018

France Being Culturally Enriched.

Now "native" French taking it a bit further in enriching France and attack a Police car, overturn it and then beat the shit out of the female cop. Obviously, no weapons are being drawn by Police since they are...French Police, they "are not trained to handle this kind of violence"(c)

But, here is the actual footage from one of the Paris' suburbs, so judge by yourself. 

But I am sure, President Macron and French legislators will do their utmost to address this problem of this rowdy "French" youth--they will surrender. /sarc. Meanwhile, French did it to themselves so I am kinda torn here: on one hand I mourn France which is long-long gone, so, I might as well stop doing this, on the other hand--France had a chance with Marine Le Pen, it blew it, voting instead for necrophiliac globalist mama's boy with the mentality of a wussy local bank loan officer. So let French eat their pie. I am sure they will enjoy it. As Elena Chudinova foretold in her seminal The Mosque of Notre Dame

French may not know this, but they have been betrayed and sold out long ago. The "collaborationists" are already there, living in their luxurious houses. The barbed wire is coming soon. French have only themselves to blame.

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