Friday, January 26, 2018

Blade Running.

I watched the NEW one two days ago. I have the first one embedded in my mind and every morning in my car, on the way to work (and back) this plays non-stop (this, plus some other things, like Dune soundtrack).

Rachel's (that is Sean Young's) unearthly beauty in her Memories of Green. The masterpiece of soundtrack by Vangelis. Of course that too:

I was afraid to watch a sequel to an Icon by Ridley Scott. Boy, half-way through the new one I recognized that I was hurting for the story, for Ryan Gosling and that it was a living, perfectly developed continuous uninterrupted world with all original sensibilities. Music by Hans Zimmer and (the other guy;-) And then, without famous final monologue by Rutger Hauer, Ryan Gosling who the whole movie thought that Rachel was his mother (she wasn't), same as Rutger Hauer who didn't kill Deckard  and saved him, sacrificed himself just for the chance of being human and love of life--giving Deckard a chance to see his daughter. And it was this final moment with Vangelis' final music piece, from the original Ridley Scott's Icon, that I knew I was witnessing a masterpiece. I surrendered.

It still hurts and that is a sign of a truly great art. Absolutely unreal that there is still something so good out there. I will never look at Ryan Gosling again as a mere handsome guy-decent-actor. 


Harrison Ford, Rachel's photo from the original--all that was right, so right.

Dog drinking Black Lable Scotch, man...

Joi was sexy and appropriate as was recognizable universe.

But what makes a man? 

They are now inseparable and that is incredible artistic achievement. Simply incredible....

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