Thursday, December 22, 2016

Left's Insanity.

I can only shake my head in disbelief. This would have been the future for the US should HRC have won the election. A dictatorship of fringes, Orwellian cultural reality which would at some point have resulted in a massive bloodshed in the US. We all avoided this fate so far. 

Man kicked off JetBlue flight for questioning why Ivanka Trump was on it

Here are some corrections:

1. The "man" who did this is not really a "man" but a "husband" of other man in a relations in which neither is a man. 

2. He didn't "question", he harassed Ivanka and her three children, even the "wife" (who is another "man") of this "husband" confirms this in her (his?) tweet. 

I do have a question and a statement: Mr. President of the United States (I drop "elect" things--no use), you have to understand that the whole future of the United States and, to a degree, of the world, as normal places, hinges today on you being calm, collected and in a good spirit. There are many nutjobs or completely consumed by hatred to you and your family "ideological" types out there who wish a great harm to you personally and to your family. While I believe that Secret Service carries out its duty properly, I can not conceive why Ivanka and her children should fly regular commercial flights. This is unnecessary exposure of closest to you people to what can become a tragedy waiting to happen. Decrease your exposure to a potential danger. Ivanka could have been using a private jet to move around and no normal person would have accused her of elitism or snobbery. Today she MUST fly separately from general public in the midst of which some ideological zealots or dangerous operatives wishing to harm can lurk. 

Mr. President, if you don't want your children to use private jets, you are a New Yorker, come on, get your people to Brighton-beach  to at least find some Russian bouncer Vasily Petrov or Ivan Drago (preferably former VDV para-trooper), in one of the Russian restaurants, or get some Vinny "Torn Spleen" Bonaducci to travel with your children commercial and beat the shit out of anyone who dares to harass them. These types of guys will be OK to spend a year or two for assault in one of the numerous penitentiaries for a very reasonable price and a huge moral satisfaction. My heart goes out to Ivanka and her kids. Stay and travel safe, guys.     

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