Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Independent Is Shocked, So Is Israel. So...? (Conclusion)

So, we already identified couple of crucial facts of Russia's military development which combined "West" simply refuses to acknowledge. But even when it does, it is incapable to INTERNALIZE them--that is make them a real factor in its considerations. The reason for that is hubris, an immense one, which clouds judgement in the best case scenario. In the worst--well, it becomes the run of decapitated chicken who still thinks it's alive. In this case, in conclusion to this review of the Independent's article, we may simply state that, in the end, it is West's hubris which is the major factor in its continuous "shocks" regarding Russia's military. After all, it is "West", especially its Anglo-sphere which continuously self-proclaims itself the victor and a driving force behind everything there is in war. Enter Israel. 

I recall reading Alexander Prokhanov's interview of some major Israeli Rabbi to Prokhanov's newspaper Zavtra (Tomorrow) late 1990s--very early 2000s. It was a horrendous time in Russia. In that interview this rabbi, in full seriousness, talked about Israel helping Russia to get into the hi-tech, including military, realm. He, if my memory doesn't fail me, also mentioned something to the effect that Israeli submariners can "teach" Russian ones a thing or two. You can find this interview, I am sure, in Zavtra's archives and if the piece on submariners is not there, I still did encounter it, probably, in some other source. If it will become that crucial for discussion--I'll find it. Now, this is not to say that Israel doesn't have anything to share. On the contrary, Israel played a big role, as an example, in helping Russia in drone technology, by selling some of its drones. But there was something really bizarre in the audacity with which this rabbi was assuming that Israel's, undeniably respectable, "hi-tech" could contribute much to Russia's military and economy in general. Mind you, that this was the time (very late 1990s--early 2000s) when what is seen today by the world as "newly" resurgent Russia's military might was already in the process of either trials or transition from pure R&D into the IOC status. Just to give an example, it was then that arguably best combat helicopter in the world, Ka-50, combat tested itself to a great effect in the Second Chechen War. International Air Power Review later gave rave reviews to this helicopter. 

Advanced submarine development, albeit retarded by Yeltsin's criminal regime, still proceeded with creating new submarines and weapons--today they are afloat. Just to name a few. Even then, barely alive Russia was still capable to compete on the international arms trade market with her superb weapons ranging from advanced fighters to air defense complexes. Appearances of Russian combat jets at Farnborough or any other aircraft shows elsewhere was always a show stopper. Yet, the condescension continued unabated. And here is why I introduced this rabbi.   

I do respect Israel's military history and Israel's military successes are definitely deserved. They are worthy of studying and lessons learned of applying but, with the help of primarily US media, Israeli's military experience was advanced into the position of military absolute, forgetting completely, what was the framework of Israel's military victories. Not until Colonel Norwell De Atkine's famous article "Why Arabs Lose Wars", was  any serious attempt made in US to actually put Israel's victories in perspective. And perspective was peculiar. Israel won its victories against supremely incompetent opponents not conditioned in the least to fight modern combined arms warfare. Below is Atkine's article and it is very instructive in regards to Arab militaries, while is full of BS in assessment of the Soviet Armed Forces.

Why Arabs Lose Wars

Atkine's sentiment is echoed by Colonel Sergievsky, a former Soviet military adviser to Syrian Army in 1973, in his essay with telling title "One Must Not Fight Like This". The article was published in mid-2000s in The Digest Of Air Defense (Vestnik PVO) but, sadly, the issue since disappeared from internet. I do, however, have the PDF of the original. How Israeli's military experience started to dominate US is, of course, a whole other matter, which is from the political and ideological field, dominated for decades now by neocons, but nobody ever announced the end of the pecking order in military affairs. Let's speak in broadsides. For Israel, who does not produce own advanced combat jets, submarines, neither SSK (provided by Germany) let alone nukes, doesn't have own space program, doesn't have a lot, including a real ability to produce all of that simultaneously, it seems really bizarre to be "shocked" by anything from the nation (Russia) whose military history and accomplishments dwarf that of Israel. It especially rings true against Israel's demographics, where former Soviet/Russian citizens constitute about a quarter of Israel's population. Surely, Israel must have good understanding of Russia, but does it? Judging by the latest "shock" it has no clue. Either that or Israel really thinks it is such a big shot in military affairs. 

I remember talking to one of my American acquaintances about 7-8 years ago, the guy had M.S. in nuclear engineering and worked at the naval shipyard. I told him, Russians probably will continue to suck at producing microwave ovens and good cars (turned out I was a bit off), but, I told him, they will never stop producing world-class weapons, even under the most severe of the circumstances. IDF experienced those weapons, even in the hands of badly trained people, several times, including Wadi Saluki Battle where Hezbollah units, armed with Kornet ATGMs created very serious problems for Israel's much touted Merkava tanks, which turned out to be no match to Kornets. Kornet ATGMs went into the production in mid-1990s, precisely the time when West wrote Russia off. It will continue to do so and that what we all should expect. The reason for that is simple, and I wrote about it many times--West simply does not get Russia, period. Any voices of reason and competence in the field  will continue to be ignored or suppressed. The image of Russian primitive barbarian must be preserved at all costs, even when it builds space stations, leads the world in advanced weapon systems' design, dominates the global market of advanced nuclear power generating, even when this barbarian produces world class literature and music--all this doesn't matter to some large strata of West's in general, and Anglosphere's in particular, "elites" whose ignorance, incompetence and visceral hatred of anything Russian define them. This is not going to change soon, if ever. So prepare for more "shocks".


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