Monday, August 17, 2015

70s Boy Ooh-la-la........

For me, as for many others in USSR of my generation, 1970s started with British Glam. They started with this, incredible Brian Connolly's voice:

Yes, we  listened to Deep Purple (Deep Purple In Rock, anyone), Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin (of course), we also listened to Yes, Genesis, Jethro Tull guessed it--Pink Floyd.  We also loved Nazareth and AC/DC. But it was British Glam, which captured the essence of the time--no shit, Sweet is in Def Leppard's videos, and it was also Slade who sang for us. For us the 70s ended, surprisingly, with 1987 wonderful piece by Slade:  

Listening today to these masterpieces, against the background of the wasteland of modern piece o' sh....I mean pop-music, I feel down and, yet, somehow uplifted. 

We were good, guys. We knew how to feel and it remains the classic case of the grass being, indeed, greener. The last gasp of that epoch was in Wayne's World and disappeared (did it?). But it is still out there, somewhere....

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