Friday, July 3, 2015

Russia and Israel

A remarkably important and symptomatic piece in The Week (a largely neocon rag) about Russia and Israel. Definitely worth reading and contemplating. I will try to comment on it when I have time.


  1. Yeah, not see this happening at all. By the way smooth with announcement of project 22800 which is basicly successor to project 1234 and 1241 lot's of people seem to think FAC concept is outdated and there is no need for such ships this days. What's your opinion ?

    Also having the a convo about it on the site that I recommended

    It's strange to see people thinking Buyan-M is good enough. Never-mind it can barely handle Caspian sea weather or the fact it's slow.

  2. I agree--not gonna happen, but the point author makes is valid. As per Buyan--new ship is in the works, but pr. 21631 Tornado is very important concept. Russia will always have powerful "mosquito" naval component, after all 8 Calibrs or Yakhonts is a serious strike package.

  3. Regarding the article. There is good Russian saying:"

    Не было у бабы хлопот, купила порося", meaning woman was having carefree life but decided to get herself piglet... I do not think it is going to happen. Wasting resources and energy on numerous international obligations Vietnam, Ethiopia, Iraq,, Syria, Angola and many others were one of the reason USSR ran into deep financial troubles along with huge military overspending. Not gonna happen.

  4. I never saw project 21631M anything but an INF treaty troll. It does not have any proper defense against air or underwater treats. And unlike tradition FAC It has no speed,

    It really is just a platform for long range kalibr missile( namely biryuza )which otherwise because of the 2600 km range couldn't be put on land due to INF treaty.

    Project 22800 on the other hand seems like a proper FAC. A good success to Project 1234 and Project 1241 and 1241.

    Also did you see the Project 20386 model ? ....looks like it was some random internet ship model made by some kid for fun.

    The high brass seems to have been infected by LCS concept.

  5. Robert, any modern war is fought not as a collection of platforms. In fact, it was late Admiral Cebrowski who formulated network (as opposed to platform) centric approach. The war is fought as force against force, each of force is representative of a specific properties of the whole network, which includes C4SIR complex and a salvo. The whole concept of MRK and of the Mosquito Fleet will always live in Russia and, in fact, will define what US Navy today states as AD/A2 capability. Small, fast and well-integrated carriers of high supersonic and long range anti-shipping missiles have an enormous synergy in the littoral. I hope my next article in Proceedings will be about that. What will be accepted by Russian Navy as a successor to 1234 and 1241--at this stage it looks like 22800. It also carries Kalibr which can reach easily into Europe and East Asia. As per 2038xxx--now they have to "deliver" this ship after so many failures.