Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Dresden Opera Ball.

I am not going to lie--I am sill reeling after CIA recruitment video, because I know it completely degraded Russia's national security by means of disabling huge numbers of FSB officers from hernias they got from hysterical laughing from watching this video. 

I am Russian ethically and even I feel embarrassed by watching this shit of a patronizing wokeism and degeneracy, not that CIA is viewed seriously by real clandestine professionals around (ahem...) some continent for a while. It also hits home with Paul Craig Roberts' piece on feminization of Western man. Here is a comparison--no, it is not about gloating, it is about being warranted and irresistible--from Dresden Ball from Saint Petersburg where Russian Suvorov Military Schools, which are high schools with a serious military education in preparation to the entrance to military officer academies--no relation whatsoever to US "boarding schools" where they teach you nothing but marching and being a glorified boy-scout. These guys already know how to shoot actual weapons, know basic tactics, study calculus and physics and principles of leadership and squad and platoon command. Plus all combined arms manuals. The orchestra is German-Russian orchestra and the ball is in the best tradition of Russia's officerdom. 

This is how you grow a national elite, this is also how you prepare them for dying, if need be, for the country, because the country is a home to their first (or maybe second) love and I mean those young girls who are radiating femininity, joy and admiration for their uniformed gentlemen. Those girls are the future officer wives and mothers, but this ball will forever stay with them. Yeah, I know a little bit about it, just teeny-weeny bit))) Remember Chesterton--the soldier should not so much hate who is in a front of him as love what he leaves behind his back. You may continue to fill blanks to this post, I leave this space for you...... 
This is the conclusion (after) of this ball. Ah, those backward Russians not understanding all the benefits of being woke. 

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