Sunday, May 16, 2021

The Irony.

History, life in general, could be ironic alternating between the dark and lighter side. But when Ronald Reagan's adviser on Russia and unofficial Reagan's personal envoy to Gorbachev Suzanne Massie asks, while live on TV (NTV), Vladimir Putin for Russian citizenship, one should really start questioning the reality of modern West. Massie is not your average citizen, she never was. She was a crucial player in convincing Ronald Reagan that USSR was not really the "evil empire" and she shuttled between Reagan and Gorbachev (often unknown for D.C. establishment) trying to arrange the end of the Cold War.

The response from Kremlin, so far, was understandably restrained with Peskov merely stating (in Russian) that there are "certain bureaucratic procedures" which must be followed. I am sure, in the end, Massie will get her citizenship and she is too public of a figure not just in Russian-American but global politics to be subjected to the full process, including an obvious consideration of her age. She just wants to stay in Russia and wants to play her part in the drama which unfolds between the United States and Russia. She is very vocal about the state of modern United States and doesn't like Biden and calls him a marionette and calls D.C. a swamp. Today, in Moscow, she drinks vodka, celebrating 35th Anniversary of the 1980s first US-Soviet Summit in Iceland.  
So, this grandma still has a lot of mileage in her intellectually and, as I emphasize constantly, she is by far not the only one from the West who seeks refuge in Russia and the number of people like that will continue to grow. It is not anymore a theorem it is an axiom. Just take a look at that:
WTF, man, WTF!!!! The Armed Forces are the reflection of the society and once they become THIS, I don't know, what's next? The West disintegrates culturally in front of our eyes and it is so obvious that programming and justification for the eradication of the heterosexual white male in the West as such is underway big time. Testosterone is now verboten in America. Just compare:

Translation: This... is the first day of your new life. What was yesterday means nothing now. Who you were before, no-one cares now. What's important now is—who you'll be today. What do you know about yourself? What are you capable of? Questions may remain unanswered, but can you sleep soundly later on? Knowing yourself, knowing the limit of your possibilities... To hell with limits. Are you ready to break yourself? Every day, pain hardens you here. It was you who decided to prove something to yourself. The commander is here only for you to see an enemy in him, because without the enemy, there is no battle. Because without battle, there is no victory. But in reality, the main enemy is you. The you of yesterday. Your task is to track the enemy down, catch up to him, outperform him, become better than him, and return the victor. Because tomorrow is the first day of your new life.

Make your own conclusions.

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