Monday, April 26, 2021

Update On Sabrina And Her Family.

Wonderful! Sabrina and her numerous Aussie family's plea to President Putin made it to a major federal news network Rossiya 24 (in Russian). 

Yes, immigration lawyers say that they have very little time if to do it the long way, but as native Italian, now Italian Russian, Valerio Zanetti says, pleading with Putin to solve the issue fast is the way to go. Zanetti's point of view is shared by Deputy Chair of Duma's Foreign Relations Committee Svetlana Zhurova. Get this comment from this video which gets overwhelming support from Russians. Recall what I wrote for years.

Translation:  By all accounts, these are good hard-working people. Russia is an Arc and hope in this crazy world! Welcome everyone with pure soul and who reject the filth being imposed by Western petty "elite".

P.S. Damn, Valerio--from Italy to Krasnoyarsk. Winters there are brutal. But I noticed many European-blood folks love Siberia. Sabrina's family is madly in love with Altai and are planning to move there to farm from Novosibirsk, once they resolve immigration situation. Altai is stunning--a lot of similarity with Montana and Idaho. But unlike Montana or Idaho--the nearest ocean is in 5 hours of...flight. I can drive in 5 hours from Idaho to Pacific Ocean. 

If anyone wonders why they love Altai. Take a look. 

I, personally, cannot live on flat ground and without ocean or sea. 

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