Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Always Look Into The Essence.

A lot has been said and a lot of hype has been created about pseudo-academic BS Klaus Schwab wrote on the issues he has no clue about and the beaten to death cliches and neoliberal recycled fodder he had to produce to sound competent. But we know that the doctrine-mongering is a defining feature of the West's white-board academe, which tries to pretend that it knows how the world works. It doesn't, neither does Schwab, who holds Ph.D in engineering from Swiss school but, evidently, never had a chance to exercise any of the engineering skills, concentrating primarily on some globalist "economic" and social BSing which, as we all can see, worked out just brilliantly, I hope you get my sarcasm. In general, for anyone who ever was involved in actual life beyond comfortable offices of EU and North American "academe" and think-tanks, the whole notion of Davos Culture which is primarily a post-modernist white-board construct appears preposterous and rightly so. 

Here is Klaus Schwab facing President Vladimir Putin where Putin reiterates his point about the fate of Western Civilization.

There is no subtlety in Putin's words, as there is no hiding Putin's irony, if not sarcasm, towards an Exhibit A of Western intellectual impotence which Schwab is. Putin also seems uninterested in this talk, which he concludes with a rather obvious statement: "but love is impossible if it is declared only by one side. It must be mutual." Russia is always ready to talk but if EU is incapable to do so--so be it. Here is an example of why normal relations between Russia and EU are impossible. Not only because EU is not West anymore but because people in charge of it are not fit to to run a convenience store, let alone formulate anything substantive and beneficial to all sides, let alone implement it in a larger framework of global power balance and real economy. 

Russia is not in the business of saving Western Civilization if it doesn't want to save itself. USSR did it once in 1945. Not anymore. I will only repeat late Eduard Limonov's conclusion that "we (Russia) are Europe now". He is absolutely correct. Europe is a good market for Russia and that's it, culturally current Russia's current real elite (I stress this--real) and what passes in the West for elites continue to diverge in their views and values. As RT reports today:

For centuries, the elusive “Russian soul” has puzzled writers and explorers alike. Familiarly European, but distinctly different to the West, what makes the world’s largest country tick is still the subject of fierce debate.Now, one foreign correspondent has put forward a new theory that is likely to receive a mixed critical reception in the world of Russia-watching. Oliver Carroll, the Moscow correspondent for The Independent newspaper in the UK, took to Twitter on Wednesday to opine on why locals had been broadly unmoved by the three-and-a-half year sentence handed down by a court to opposition activist Alexey Navalny the day before. Carroll said he had been contemplating “how this is different to Ukraine,” where “cops beating kids made a revolution. People were just indignant.” In contrast, he said, “Russians have an altogether different sense of self worth.”

Remarkably,  Carroll, who is a proud product of Anglo-Saxon "Russia Studies" field--a euphemism for propaganda--is not incorrect here. I agree with him, Russians have a very different sense of self-worth than some dumbed down globalist shill journo, pretending to know shit. But he is, accidentally, spot on here about Russians' self-worth--it is very different from how Carroll defines it. It is beyond his grasp and he better concentrate on his activity as a tabloid level journalism pusher. Especially working for a rag owned by a Russian ex-pat with a very curious biography. But then again, being a whore comes naturally in "journalism" profession, especially in a rag owned by Russian oligarch. But that just underscores the impossibility of any substantive dialogue between modern Russia and the West. That is exactly what Putin says. 

In other news, related to different self-worth, I could have never thought that I will live to see this:

The Navy needs to modernize the way it names ships, buildings and streets, and the service should rename assets that honor the Confederacy, a task force designed to identify problematic policies recommended this week. The recommendation is one of nearly 60 presented to Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Mike Gilday in a new 141-page report released Wednesday from Task Force One Navy. Gilday ordered the creation of the task force in July following the death last May of George Floyd, a Black man who died in the hands of law enforcement, prompting nationwide protests about racism and police brutality.

Wow. How 'bout that:  

As retired Lt. Cmdr. Reuben Keith Green noted last year in U.S. Naval Institute's Proceedings magazine, Stennis had a long record of championing white supremacy. "Most sailors -- and Navy leaders -- have little idea of his background, but the Navy, as an institution, has a moral obligation to know," Green argued. "And, it should act." The Chancellorsville, named for the major 1863 Civil War battle, was won by the Confederacy.

But I wrote on this issue before, and the United States continues on the road of cultural suicide and getting deeper into the alternative reality.

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