Thursday, February 4, 2021

Civilizational Difference.

A little piece of news this morning. Recall new Russian Constitution, which sets precedence of Russia's laws over international ones. It also defines marriage as that between the man and the woman. You know, the Article 72 Para G1. 

This morning Vladimir Putin signed the Law on Constitutional amendments as applied to Family Code of Russian Federation (in Russian). Yep, about preserving a traditional family and telling others to go and screw themselves if they don't like it. Constitution of Russia trumps any international law if international law contradicts said Constitution. Sir Elton John got sad now. As I always say, when you have national security establishment such as Russia has, it is not difficult to tell others what you think about them. Speaking of which--I am considering writing about Russia's soft power which flies under the radar of many Western objective observers and I am not talking about such outlets as RT. In related news, as NYT reports, there is a sanction fatigue in D.C. No shit, pardon my French: 

At this stage, it is absolutely redundant discussing how those sanctions not only failed but exposed America's weakness vis-a-vis Russia. As per this Navalny (known in Russia as Analny and Sissyan, he DOES have tits) fellow, who is at the center of new West's Russo-phobic hysteria, today this jerk will be delivered to the court again to listen to another--more are coming--indictment on slandering the veteran of Great Patriotic War. And then, some time later, he will also be charged with being an intelligence asset of foreign state and that, folks, is a treason issue. So, all in all, he will spend a rather hefty time behind bars, which will allow him to learn a real trade, such as sowing, and, finally, will consummate his handle of Analny within penitentiary environment. 

Of course, many Ambassadors from Western counties, who attended his initial hearings in court are free to volunteer to join him in penitentiary and share experience of this uncompromising fighter with Putin's corruption and castles and backwardness of Russia, which, for some unknown reason, doesn't want Western-style "democracy". Ah, he is a millionaire? Never mind, then. As the old proverb goes--tell me who you friends are and I will tell who you are. West's propensity for extolling all kinds of Russian lowlifes is astonishing. Even when one makes an adjustment for cruel necessities of operations of influence, which, by default, require involvement of less than admirable human material. But the West outdid itself in this respect. Is it a competence issue only, or, maybe, it shows a civilizational difference between modern Russia and the West. I would say--both.    

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