Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Epiphany. He Saw The Light.

LOL. But seriously, it is significant, especially for office plankton and other hamsters--members of the witnesses of anthropogenic climate change cult. 

Rosatom smiled at Bill approvingly, who, BTW, doesn't even have formal education being a dropout from college after two years but sure as hell exhibits a lot of "authority" on the issues he has zero background in. But, hey, as I said today in previous post--maybe someone in his circle of sycophants will have enough courage to tell Bill to stick to what he knows best--writing code and ripping people off. He obviously lacks in terms of knowledge of real economy and how it works, but sure, even this short exhibition of a common sense, granted for all the wrong and risible reasons, is important because of Gates' high public profile among the "meat generation" and other representatives of post-industrial delusion.  

I think the weather in Texas and few other mid-West states, as well as Germany's "triumph" in suiciding her economy for the sake of "green" delusion, may serve as a good illustration of how real, aka physical, economy sector, especially its power supply should be kept in the hands of professionals. Or, as Slade used to sing:

If not, I don't even want to go there. I have a huge chapter on that in my latest book. Energy=civilization, the rest is a BS for the consumption of uneducated and uncultured.  
Listen attentively to REAL reasons for Texas calamity--lack of power generation.

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