Friday, February 12, 2021

It Is Friday.

Just a piece of music by a boy, now a young man, who I follow for almost a decade now and whose story is almost a fairy tale story. It started here in 2012. 

Now Jonathan is globally recognized as one of the best tenors and the sky is the limit for this guy, who, I am sure, should not feel in any way sensitive about his weight, as long as he feels fine himself, his true talent eclipses anything. I am sure many girls would find it a blessing to date this wonderful human.

I will try to address Russia's soft power later. But for now, you may want to research what CIAO, 2020 is and why Italy fell in love. Evidently, so did Rod Dreher. A hint--in this show, there is no a single Italian but it is the best "we love you to Italy" which people of my generation, whose youth passed in 1970-1980s, could have said;))) Hint, the only real 1980s song here is a hilarious gopnik rendition by Little Big of classic Ricchi e Povery hit Mamma Maria. The rest is Russian pop... sang in Italian with 1980s Italian pop-sensibilities and sound. Enjoy.

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