Monday, January 11, 2021

Why Iron Curtain.

I think the Western Europe should be surrounded by Iron Curtain and its modern "culture" condemned. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. 

This is a sick nation of large number of pedophiles, third wave feminists, what have you, and all this is inevitable result of the so called "left" cultural policies. I am not sure "culture" like that even has the right to exist, because it attacks children and, in fact, institutionalizes psychological pedophilia. 

This is for 4 to 8 years olds. I don't mind watching robot fucking a washing machine in Robot Chicken which, actually, is run under the auspices of Adult Swim (stress: Adult) segment of Cartoon Network. In fact, robot screwing the household device--nothing wrong with that, Bender from Futurama was seriously into the robot porn. We loved it. That is funny. But Danes say, hey, children should be subjected to some sick shit and that, I guess, where the European civilization is going--to shit. In this case, I see no reason for Russia to maintain any cultural contacts with Europe in general. And I am sure the United States, especially after the "victory" by Democrats is heading this way too. So, cultural Iron Curtain is what should be erected separating Russia from West's sickness and perversion. While most English-language comments under the video were mostly about penis, the only Russian-language comment there was:

Мир с каждым годом всё больше сходит с ума... 

Translation: with each year the world becomes increasingly insane. 

It is sad, that very few people were terrified by the fact that this is a show for children under eight. Especially coming from the land which once produced Hans Christian Andersen. Remarkably, Andersen was abused in childhood but now abuse of children in Denmark is not just acceptable, but is being encouraged on the industrial scale. But, I guess, each nation deserves the culture it chooses. I can only imagine who this cultural nurturing of 4 to 8 year old Danish kids will produce in 20 years. Considering the massive scale of modern West's psychosis, opioid and drug abuse, and a complete emasculation of the European man, I have some ideas and that is not going to be pretty. Which, in its turn, necessitates a defense against West's moral freaks and sexual perverts. Iron Curtain--now.

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