Thursday, January 7, 2021

Thank You, Peter Hitchens.

Unlike his late brother Christopher, an open and unrestrained neocon and demagogue who passed for an intellectual among Western academe, Peter was always deep. I mean it without this 1960-s pop-culture connotation. I recall Peter's honest and enlightened position on the events of 2014 and Crimea. Now, we hear it from a person who has the right to speak on the issue of conservatism. I was on this issue from the get go and spoke ad nauseam that there is no conservative party in the US. Here is a recent one by me on the issue:

Fact is, America's (and in general Anglo) intelligentsia today is a pathetic... well, you know what, a lot of it is in my books, especially in the last one. And here is Hitchens. 

Thank you, thank you, Peter. Read my lips: conservative party and ideology is a euphemism for national consciousness. US political parties were in the business of destroying a fledgling American nationhood for decades. The only thing these people know is how to reelect themselves and engage in the never-ending bickering on how to bypass real economic and cultural interests of the majority of Americans, while preserving the status quo which cannot be preserved by definition. Period. Well that, plus institutionalizing perversion, cowardice and hypocrisy. In fact, I doubt that current crop of utterly corrupt American thinkers, or, rather, what passes for them, can even grasp what conservatism is. Yes, it is that bad. One can go and attend twenty different churches and carry Bible with him in the pocket all the time and smash own forehead at the altar--that doesn't make one a conservative. Conservatism is a an obverse side of prudent nationalism. American "nationalism" is skin deep and is primarily expressed in declaring football (American variety) important, in cartoonish militarism and invocations of America's greatness. Enough to listen to the cringe-worthy psychobabble by Dinesh D'souza, passing for history, and "conservatives" such as Laura Inghram, to get the gist of American "conservatism" pretty accurately. That's it--there is nothing more there. 

The only America's claim to the possible core national value--constitutionalism, and law and order--are being destroyed this very minute and there is nothing more left there. There is no nation anymore. Or, being more precise, there is no proto-nation which America was becoming in 19th century. The US today is a one-party political system, which serves American oligarchy which is highly uncultured and uneducated and is incapable to produce a statesman. To be sure, mediocrities it produces aplenty. This is not a gene pool which can produce a conservative, national that is, idea. Some sparks of intellect and passion, such as Candace Owens or Tucker on his good night, are simply not enough. Punditry is not a substitution for substantive approach to nationhood which is not survivable--in fact, it is disintegrating at an alarming speed--in the present economic and political paradigm. Trumpism gave a glimpse at some ideas but the person who articulated them turned out to be the fraud and a coward and those were not his ideas anyway. 

So, here we are--what is an American conservative today? Is he (she) a Republican? GOP is not a conservative party, not even close, it is a party of old wealth and homicidal economic policies, which constantly BSes deplorables while laughing at them or condescendingly patting them on the back when allowing them to clean restrooms at their country clubs. I could be on this topic for a long time but I don't see reason. I stated my position not for once: no conservative party in the US--US has no future. As the events of the last couple of days have shown, GOP is a party of treason and cowardice, but then again, they have good rivals in the matters of destroying the country in democrats. So, what a lovely choice we have between the two shallow ends of the America's political and faux-intellectual cesspool. But thank you, Peter Hitchens, for stating obvious--modern Anglo-conservatism is a joke and we better get used to living with this fact.

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