Saturday, January 16, 2021

How Things Changed.

This band toured the United States triumphantly. They just wanted to preserve Chicago's great music. And Chicago's music is worth preserving because it is simply great music. They never expected to be called "better than original". They cannot be called just a cover band, they are simply astonishing. Leonid Vorobyev simply wanted to preserve great music. Boy, did he do it. 

America of that time doesn't exist anymore, but its cultural imprint, in the best sense of the word is still out there. So, Leonid and Friends just did it. Plus, when you have Ksenia, boy... Anyone remembers a band Black Russian?
What an irony. But then again as I quote late Limonov about modern Russia:"We are Europe now." As I say all the time, only free people can create great art and music is one of that arts. They are more than "cover" band. They do it all and better. 

Yes, they got endorsed by Paicey (Ian Paice) himself. But Chicago is...well, Chicago
As I say, only free people create the greatest art.

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